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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FNBG part of Fleet News?

YES. Since 1978 Fleet News has been dedicated to helping you reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Fleet News Buying Group is the perfect extension of this approach. However, the editorial integrity of Fleet News is of paramount importance to us and Fleet News will continue to operate completely independently of FNBG’s commercial interests.

Do I have to pay FNBG?

NO. FNBG is a free service. We make our money by charging the vehicle supplier a fixed marketing fee for each transaction.

Is FNBG really on my side?

YES. Every vehicle supplier pays FNBG the same marketing fee irrespective of the funding type, vehicle or specification.

How does FNBG make money?

FNBG makes its money by charging the vehicle supplier a fixed marketing fee for each transaction. Every supplier pays the same fee irrespective of the funding type, vehicle or specification. This ensures that FNBG remains completely independent of suppliers and only focuses on fulfilling your needs.

How does FNBG pick its suppliers?

All our suppliers are national, multi-brand businesses with a successful track record of service provision in their market.

Can large fleets use FNBG?


Can sole traders use FNBG?

YES. FNBG is a service for UK businesses.

What special offers will you provide?

Leasing companies and dealer groups can often access low prices on specific vehicles for a limited time. FNBG will be aware of these special offers and will ensure that you can take advantage of them.

Can I choose any car or van?

YES. You can choose any car or van for either outright purchase or lease.

How quickly will I get my quotes?

Every quote will be back to you within 24 hours as long as it is standard specification.

Do I have the option of either outright purchase or leasing?

YES. FNBG will provide competitive prices for either option on any car or van of your choice. This can be done on a fully maintained or maintenance free basis.